Ledge Craft Lane
a Michigan IRS approved 501c4 non-profit



At the Annual Membership Meeting of the Teaching & Sharing Centers (501c3) non-profit in June 2023, Ledge Craft Lane was approved to become an Independent Affiliate of the T&SC public charity. The motion was passed by an overwhelming majority, granting it full benefits under the IAM program. 

Ledge Craft Lane has a long history of teaching and sharing, supporting the community, and giving others the opportunity to share their artistic gifts with the general public. It began with the Island Art Fair (50th anniversary in 2023). A year later, the location on Bridge Street became established as Ledge Craft Lane (50th anniversary in 2024). 

Ledge Craft Lane
120 South Bridge Street
Grand Ledge, MI 48837

(517) 627-9843




(half a century in 2023)






(half a century in 2024)





"In 1973, Marilyn Smith and her friends started the 1st art fair on the island. It was so successful they decided to open Ledge Craft Lane, a brick-and-mortar store, to sell handcrafted art all year long and to hold art classes for the community. In the fall of 1973, they rented the original firehouse in town from the city of Grand Ledge and started renovations. On July 10th, 1974 the store had its Grand Opening event. 

In 2018 the city sold the building to the non-profit Ledge Craft Lane. The store will celebrate its 50th Anniversary on July 10th, 2024, and to this day is still run strictly by volunteers, still sells art from over 50 Michigan artists, and still has weekly art classes." 

Stephene Lapp (in a letter to the community for Island Art Fair 50th anniversary)


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