Raymond Harris died on December 13, 2020. He was a resident of Orange Park, Florida at the time. During his years in Michigan, he served on the Teaching & Sharing Centers Board of Trustees for a couple of years, and for almost a decade functioned as an Independent Affiliated Ministry of the T&SC organization until his death. Below, we have left intact his IAM page except for the removal of contact information. 

Rick McKenzie, one of the co-founders of the T&SC, a personal friend of Ray's, and the (now retired) pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Grand Ledge where Ray was a member, remembers him with these words: 

Ray had his own name for God: The Big Guy Upstairs. He lived in his presence; he lived under his care. He lived there daily. TBGU was his source, his guide, his savior, his goal. There was always a reason to give thanks, to have hope, to find a job to do for someone, to be humble, to learn, to be changed and grow.

This was an awareness, no doubt. It was also a running dialog. Ray would come to church on a Sunday morning asking, “Do you have anything you want me to say or sing today?” Then if he did, he would tell me before worship, and I would have to either find a place in the service or have a darn-good reason why not. I think Ray kept his library of accompaniment CDs in his Pontiac Aztek. He may also have kept his performing equipment there, as well.



Ray sang. He sang for the Lord: for worship, for special occasions, for senior’s groups, for nursing homes. He sang with local area groups: Immanuel Lutheran’s choir, John Ross and his band, Mudge’s Follies, Social Security Scandals. It was one of his gifts. My wife, Ellen, a Music Educator and Choir Director says, “He knew what to do with his voice.” He found singing to be a calling from TBGU. It is why Ray was affiliated with the Teaching and Sharing Centers.

Ray also received God’s grace and strength when he sang. The first two songs on his “Praise the Lord” album are “Amazing Grace Will Always Be/You Raise Me Up” (his own arrangement) and “The Anchor Holds.” That they are the first cuts, and in that order, tell a part of this intimate dialog with TBGU. Ray sang at his son’s funeral. Ray sang (his own recordings) at his own funeral.


He was a long-distance runner, and used his skill to coach kids and to build character in youth through TBGU’s love. 

He was woodworker. Numerous folks have his pieces as gifts, as well as by commission. 

He was a loyal friend. As a friend you were prayed for and not forgotten. 

Ray was an accomplished and complex child of God. We, in Grand Ledge, knew him in his final years. A journey that traveled from Jamaica to New York to Grand Ledge to Florida. 

Now, by the grace of Jesus, he has gone “upstairs” to the Big Guy. We are honored to have walked with him during this part of his life. We say to him as he said to us, “One love. Walk good.” 



Singerray Ministries
Raymond S Harris Sr - Song Stylist




God has given me a gift. Whenever I share my music, burdens are lifted and spirits begin to soar. Whenever I sing, joy flows between me and those who receive my songs . . . The Lord's joy. 

Singerray Ministries is all about giving and receiving the hope, the freedom, the joy that He will bring during those precious times.

I would like to sing for you, your family, your event, your church, your group, in your setting. I will give you the best God has given me. I cannot be silent.

"I Feel Like Praising Him" right now.

("I Feel Like Praising Him"
is a song Raymond wrote, and one of his favorites)

Available for complete musical religious service.

as well as . . .

Ballads and Other Varieties
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Religious Functions
Private Functions

I sing both acappella and with accompaniment.
I am available on a fee or free will offering basis.


(find me at Raymond S Harris Sr)




Singerray Ministries is an Independent Affiliated Ministry of
the Teaching & Sharing Centers (an IRS approved 501c3 non-profit public charity) organization.


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