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Raymond S Harris Sr - Song Stylist




God has given me a gift. Whenever I share my music, burdens are lifted and spirits begin to soar. Whenever I sing, joy flows between me and those who receive my songs . . . The Lord's joy. 

Singerray Ministries is all about giving and receiving the hope, the freedom, the joy that He will bring during those precious times.

I would like to sing for you, your family, your event, your church, your group, in your setting. I will give you the best God has given me. I cannot be silent.

"I Feel Like Praising Him" right now.

("I Feel Like Praising Him"
is a song Raymond wrote, and one of his favorites)

Available for complete musical religious service.

as well as . . .

Ballads and Other Varieties
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Religious Functions
Private Functions

I sing both acappella and with accompaniment.
I am available on a fee or free will offering basis.


(find me at Raymond S Harris Sr)





Singerray Ministries is an Independent Affiliated Ministry of
the Teaching & Sharing Centers (an IRS approved 501c3 non-profit public charity) organization.


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For information about Singerray Ministries you may contact Raymond through the T&SC or directly at

 517 281-4879