Teaching & Sharing Centers (non-profit corporation) Mission, Purpose, and Belief Statements


Within the broad parameters of nature, spirit, and expression, to be a welcoming spiritual and tangible resource group that nurtures intimacy in our daily walk with Jesus and invites participation through sharing our spiritual, artistic, and practical gifts both locally and globally to the glory of God.

We acknowledge Godís call into relationship with Him, with each other, and with the rest of creation.

We place particular emphasis on encouraging and supporting the individual outreaches; religious, educational, or service endeavors, of our members and Independent Affiliates.


Help people grow closer to their Creator in their daily lives and express the gifts with which they are blessed. 


We believe that Truth exists. That it is not just the accumulated beliefs of individuals, or groups of individuals, that establishes Truth. Ultimate Truth is what God sees as Truth. Since none of us can see through Godís eyes (a likely metaphor in itself), nobody holds exclusive rights on Truth. We believe a good dose of humility goes a long way in all relationships. Since our primary objective is to help people grow into a closer relationship with their Creator in all that they do, this in turn should move us all toward living the Truth. 

We are first and foremost a Christian organization, so we believe that Jesus is the Christ. 

We believe it is our role, as much as possible, to present varying perspectives on a given topic, so the spiritual seeker can make an informed decision for him or herself. Our members are free to embrace a variety of perspectives. We do not take absolute stands, as a corporation, on societal and church issues, particularly where there is significant disagreement among denominations. 

T&SC Board of Trustees, July 8, 2006


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