The Primary Operating Values
of the Teaching & Sharing Centers non-profit corporation



Keep our Creator in the center of everything.  Look to God before and throughout for direction.  When asking "what would Jesus do," remember it is if He were you, as you are. God knows that. 


Keep things free as much as is possible.  If a fee is necessary, be sure to have a reduced rate and free option for those desiring to participate, but truly without the financial resources to do so. 


Keep it real.  Leave off the masks, the pretend saintliness, and the we are always right attitudes.  Let humility and honesty be foremost in what we do. 


Be dedicated to truth.  Acknowledge all sides, and ways of looking at something, not just the one we are teaching or sharing.  We all benefit from the truth, regardless of its source. 


Remember the whole picture.  All things are connected.  Whatever we are teaching or sharing is not isolated from the rest.  Cooperate.  Do things in a fashion that helps others do their work. 


Allow for uniqueness.  Think outside the boxes.  A teaching and sharing center could be like the original Center, or more expansive, or as basic as a single individual. 


Respect the individual.  Everyone is in the same world trying to deal with the realities and difficulties as best they can.  Each person has the right to choose their path.  Each has a special place in Godís puzzle.  Judge not. 


Respect creation.  It is all of Godís making.  None of us is wise enough to know how much something matters in the big picture.  Err on the side of conservation and preservation. 


Maintain the spiritual.  Keep things simple. Put money, stuff, worldly power and prestige in a proper perspective as tools to be used for the good of all, not as goals in and of themselves. 


Be fluid.  We are blossoming as that which God created us to be.  Open to yourself, others, and the new insights the Holy Spirit is awakening within you.  Seek to see the positive, even in the challenges.  Do not be afraid to close a door, or to try a new one. 


T&SC Board of Trustees, July 14, 2007


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