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The opening photos above:  (top) Front entrance to the Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge; (top left) Cherokee Bill's Teaching Center; (second row) the T&SC Lending Library includes both christian life programs and a touch of william materials; (third row) Prayer and Meditation Room; (bottom row left) Cherokee Bill's Trade Center; (bottom right) the T&SC corporate work station utilizes a corner in the gift shop since the 2009 downsizing reduced available space. 

The [original] Teaching & Sharing Center opened in October 1994 as a response to what william felt was a calling from God.  He owned and operated it as a sole-proprietorship from 1994 through most of 2004 when the T&SC non-profit corporation was established (IRS approved 501c3 public charity). The "Center" (also sometimes referred to as the Sharing in Christ building) has never had a separate mission statement. It still does not. Although it was one of the most visible and tangible expressions of william's work, he did not see it in and of itself as the ministry, or mission. It is a tool, much like this website, for use by the ministries within it. Today, the original center is officially the Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge. It is a part of the william's works branch of the Teaching & Sharing Centers non-profit organization. 

Even though it was created by william as a tool for his activities as a domestic missionary, and still primarily functions in that capacity under the new branch, being the only "brick and mortar" location of the non-profit, it also serves as the official location of the corporate home office. It houses the records, and any property of the non-profit organization. It is also the legal address of the christian life programs branch, Michigan Living History Encounters branch, and often our Independent Affiliated Ministries. 

More photos and information about the Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge can be found in the wsharing website. 



For over two decades, the top rung on the sign in front of the Center (top of page right photo) read 'What would Jesus do?' That is because of the great influence the In His steps book had on william's domestic missionary activities, and the development of the Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge. After the removal of the shrubs when Bridge Street got new sewers, that sign came down in 2020 because the wood posts had decayed at the ground level. Symbolic? For what would Jesus do is not the real question. The real question is, as a professed follower of Jesus, what does He expect me (you) to do? Contrary to popular opinion, Jesus is not an absentee landlord. He is a living Lord, ever present in the midst of our lives, waiting for each of us to directly involve Him in our daily living. 

To that end, william's works developed a four tier In His Steps program in 2020, which asks at its core "what would Jesus have me do?" When we get beyond Covid-19, it will most likely be administered solely through the christian life programs branch of the Teaching & Sharing Centers if there are adequate volunteers in that branch to do so. However, the program was developed to serve all. It is not copyrighted. No royalties, or fees are involved. Churches, organizations, or even just groups of followers, are free to use the program on their own. For information on the development of the program, click here to be taken to the wsharing site. More information can be found on this website by clicking below. 


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