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As a branch created in 2015, william's works is relatively new, yet some of the aspects of the branch are among the oldest pieces in the T&SC organization. The branch came into being because IRS tax laws do not have a category for a non-profit sole-proprietorship. a touch of william, Cherokee Bill's Teaching & Trade Center, the Teaching & Sharing Center [of Grand Ledge] and most of william's mission assets were classified as a business for the first two decades, before tax accounting people started objecting to the lack of a profit in any of those years. william had said from the start he was in the God business, not the profit business. But, as the options were reviewed, it became clear the best choice was to move everything into the non-profit. Only he personally, and his wsharing.com website remained independent (Christ dependent) from the new branch. william was designated the volunteer director of the branch, and his business account was brought into the T&SC as a branch account, so the new addition's operational expenses would not create undue financial pressure on the rest of the T&SC. Today, a touch of william, Cherokee Bill's Teaching & Trade Center, the Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge, and all of their aspects (library, gift shop, Cherokee history display, etc), are a part of the william's works branch. Though having an independent (Christ dependent) status, william's personal activities as a domestic missionary, and his wsharing website, are also done in conjunction with the branch. 

In 2020, following what he felt to be the guidance of the Holy Spirit, william developed a new program to highlight the heart of all that had been done in the preceding 26 years. It is centered around the question every professed Christian should be asking every day, in all circumstances . . . . 

"What would Jesus have me do?"

This is a four tier program, so followers at a variety of stages in their walk with Jesus can participate. It was created to serve all. It is not copyrighted. No royalties, or fees, are involved. Churches, organizations, or even just groups of followers, may use the program on their own. Clicking here can provide you with more information about the development, history, and basics of the In His Steps groups program found on william's wsharing website. Clicking on the below graphic link will take you to the page on this website laying out the details of the program. Feel free to contact william's works with questions. 


a touch of william

a touch of william is the name (dba) under which william began sharing his photography and poetry publicly in the 1980s. The first a touch of william gallery was at 419 South Bridge Street in Grand Ledge, Michigan. The 417 address, now the T&SC of Grand Ledge, later became a part of the a touch of william ministry. 

Beginning in late 1994, the newly created Teaching & Sharing Center [of Grand Ledge] became the official physical location of a touch of william, and the various atow aspects, and activities, even though a touch of william already had a presence in part of the 417 SBS building prior to the establishment of the T&SC. In the early years there were a number of new dynamics, each having its own (dba) name and mission, added to the a touch of william "heartbeats," as they were referred to back then. Some were ultimately discontinued as their workload and focus seemed not to fit very well with the overall ministry objectives. Over those first five years the T&SC changed and evolved as God guided its development. However, a touch of william activities remained fairly constant, particularly with the free distribution of william's Poetry & Pictures books. Almost everything else grew under the spiritual focus of a touch of william. When on January 1, 2005 the Teaching & Sharing Center[s] became a non-profit corporation with its own board of trustees, a touch of william became an Independent Affiliated Ministry of the corporation. The a touch of william Studio/Gallery (along with Cherokee Bill's Teaching Center) is located on the second floor at the 417 SBS building. a touch of william remained a sole-proprietorship for the next ten years, and played a significant supporting role in the Teaching & Sharing Centers' development. In 2015, a touch of william, Cherokee Bill's Teaching & Trade Center, and most mission assets were merged into a new branch of the T&SC called william's works

More information can be found by clicking on the a touch of william link below.

Cherokee Bill's Teaching & Trade Center

Although william had been made aware of a family connection to the Cherokee in his 20s, he did not seek out anything about them until he felt spiritually lead to in June 1995 (at age 44) when he received a scholarship to attend a seminar at the Cove (Billy Graham Training Center) not too far from Cherokee, North Carolina. 

Soon thereafter, Cherokee Bill's Trade Center became a part of the a touch of william family at the the newly created Teaching & Sharing Center [of Grand Ledge]. Originally called Cherokee Bill's Trade Center & Counsel House, a play on words since Cherokee government historically gathered at a Council House, it was soon shortened to simply Cherokee Bill's Trade Center. Often CBTC is seen basically as a gift shop. However, its primary purposes are to teach (genuine) Cherokee history, and help Christians embracing the culture and history of indigenous tribes (or nations) on their journey. As a part of a touch of william, Cherokee Bill's Trade Center also became an Independent Affiliated Ministry of the Teaching & Sharing Center[s] non-profit corporation in 2005. The gift shop occupies the front room on the main floor at the Center. An instructional display area about Cherokee history and culture is found upstairs. It is today referred to as Cherokee Bill's Teaching Center (also CBTC). When speaking about all aspects of this ministry the name Cherokee Bill's Teaching & Trade Center is used to better reflect its broader scope. That is also its legal filing. CBTC has become a significant source of Cherokee information for many who are newly seeking their roots, and is helping to break the stereotypes of what "Indians" were, and are, all about. It remained a sole-proprietorship until 2015, when it became a part of the new william's works branch of the T&SC. 

More information can be found by clicking on the Cherokee Bill's Teaching & Trade Center link below. The "CBTC History" link on that primary page can also tell you more about how "Cherokee Bill" came into being. 


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