Teaching & Sharing Centers
a Michigan non-profit IRS approved 501c3 corporation
"An outreach to help those who reach out to help."
What is an IAM?

"We just quietly make ourselves available to teach, share and guide those who are ready."


We do whatever God asks us to do.  The nature-spirit-expression theme of the T&SC provides a broad arena in which to function.  One of the things we believe God is asking us to do is provide a "home" or connection for others who endeavor to teach and to share; particularly those who are doing so as individuals.  From environmental and earthkeeping ministries, through spiritual growth and religious avenues, to the arts and other creative expressions of God's gifts to each of us, as our logo describes, we are here to identify, promote, encourage and assist.  As we help individuals seek and focus on their Creator in their everyday lives, so too do we wish to help them to blossom fully into what God intended, when He put together the unique combination of skills and desires in their lives.  Therefore, as stated elsewhere, our second objective is to help individuals teach and share the gifts and talents God has bestowed upon them.  One of the ways we do that is through our Independent Affiliate program. 

Referred to as IAMs (Independent Affiliated Ministry, Mission, Missionary, Merchant, Mentor, or simply Miscellaneous), individuals, partnerships, or even other non-profits or businesses can seek affiliation with us as long as they basically accept our primary operating principles in their own endeavors.  IAMs are, however, not required to do everything for free.  We recognize that many who are making an effort to teach or share, are doing so as a way of providing a living for themselves and their families.  IAMs are in charge of, and responsible for, their own programs in every manner, and determine their individual pricing, rate, or fee structures if needed.  While we do not wish to pre-empt the Holy Spirit from bringing us together with anyone who might benefit from affiliation with us, we primarily see ourselves as potentially most helpful to the individual or small scale operation just starting out, wishing to expand, or simply wanting a connection so they do not feel they are entirely "going it alone." 

Some of the benefits our program offers are: 

Center access
providing an established location for meeting with people for those who might be primarily operating out of their home, or perhaps simply need a more convenient spot.

Website presence
we develop and host a single page for each of our affiliates within the TSCenters.org website.  This information page might be the first online exposure for some.

Use of our corporate address
gives a "business" or "professional" address primarily to those who function mostly in the field or out of their home.

T&SC designated contributions
offers the opportunity to request and offer a tax deductible contribution option to those who might wish to support your work (within IRS guidelines).

Guidance for government filings
for those just getting started or needing help.

Inclusion in corporate displays
provides exposure anytime we are promoting the Teaching & Sharing Centers non-profit corporation at an event or other circumstance.

Promotions and advertising
piggybacking on whatever the T&SC might be doing.

Assistance with design of brochures, cards, etc.
primarily, again, for those just getting started or needing help with text, graphics, design, or layout.  Printing and actual production costs for cards, brochures, and other documents remain the responsibility of the affiliate.

Computer space
for someone needing minimal space for recordkeeping or development who does not have their own computer or is utilizing the Center for meeting with others.

Beyond the basic acceptance of T&SC operating values, the only commitment we ask for is, if you are producing income from your endeavors, you donate a 10% tithe of income related to your affiliation activities or resulting from your affiliation with the T&SC (i.e. if someone says they contacted you because they saw your [T&SC] webpage, or chose you specifically because of your T&SC affiliation, that is when the tithe would be appropriate. There is no obligation for any other income of yours, even if it is the same affiliated activities). 

Everyone has something to teach and things they can share.  If your sole motivation is to make money, however, we are probably not the program for you.  But, if you have a passion for something, a special gift you excel at, wish to run your own show, and be your own boss, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the possibility of an IAM relationship with you.  What can you teach or share with or through us in this adventure called life? 

"The way of the world is compete and compare, but the way of Truth is teach and share."


 Are all IAM services free?

No.  While virtually everything we do, or offer, as a corporation is done (or offered) free of charge, our Independent Affiliates run their own programs and might have costs or fees associated with their services or products, depending on their individual circumstance.  Some might also be just partially funding their programs through charges and may still need the additional support of donations in order to continue providing their services.  Simply ask. 


I AM is the response God gave to Moses (Exodus 3:13-15) when Moses asked what God's name is.  Besides the obvious English application as a phrase of personal identification, our use of the acronym reflects our hope that the Holy Spirit will infuse and guide each of our affiliates. 


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