History of christian life programs

When the Teaching & Sharing Center became a Michigan non-profit corporation on January 1, 2005 christian life programs made the shift (from functioning as a piece of the a touch of william sole-proprietorship) along with it. All of the dynamics still work in harmony at the "Center" location in Grand Ledge. However, the Teaching & Sharing Centers corporation, the Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge, christian life programs, and the poet's circle, are governed by the T&SC Board of Trustees. The below history is from a newsletter, reflecting the situation prior to incorporation.

(from my newsletter #9901-11, January 1999) . . . It is the third aspect (of the primary seven*) of a touch of william to have come into being. I added it in 1992. But, for the life of me, I cannot remember if I did it primarily as a pro-active choice or reactive, as a way to identify specifically Christian materials, when I was criticized about some of the materials here [at the Center].

clp is what I refer to as a focused mission. It fits into the broader mission statement of atow but has its own more specialized purpose, which is "to help Christians live what they say they believe." It is important to note that this does not mean telling them what to believe. I sometimes need to point out to those who want to argue, that I did not name it "Christian Theological Institute" on purpose. The point is to help live, not debate [or demean]. I try to accomplish this primarily with the support materials at the Center, and on occasion, personal sharing (as someone who is also on the journey, not as someone who has arrived . . . or is any kind of expert.  I am neither ordained nor licensed in any professional capacity). Those who promote secular ways are bombarding us daily with materialistic, selfish (look out for no.1), and egotistical ways of looking at things. One visit (to a church) a week is not going to combat 6 days and 22 hours of worldly viewpoints all by itself. Hopefully, christian life programs can, in some small way, help keep Christís message available for encouragement all week long.

Just like the poetís circle, clp has gone through some door testing before coming back to where it is today. For a brief period it was separated out from atow, and filed as a non-profit corporation, by those who felt God was leading in that direction. When that did not gel, I brought it back under the a touch of william umbrella (without being a corporation). Sometimes I get concerned that using the term "christian life" sets up too many preconceived ideas in different peoples minds about what the Center should be. But Jesus is the [primary] central focus here, and living what I say I believe is the challenge. So, along with the Sharing in Christ signs on the sides of the building, christian life programs is likely here for the duration.

[*note: for a few years there were two additional DBAs used more commercially]


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