christian life programs
a dba of the Teaching & Sharing Centers, a Michigan non-profit (IRS approved 501c3)corporation
Mission Statement:

To help Christians live what they say they believe.



The corporation's name might just as easily have been "christian life programs." Indeed, clp is simply a DBA (doing business as), or assumed name of the Teaching & Sharing Centers, filed with the State of Michigan, and could truly be used interchangeably in many circumstances. While the name clearly indicates our religious perspective, we are non-denominational and do not teach a particular dogma or doctrine.  We are not a theological institute.  We are simply servants of the Kingdom trying to help each other follow the ways Christ asks us to live. 

What Would Jesus Have Me Do?

Guidance for the Individual, Groups, and Cultures

The T&SC organization is based on the examples set by and the teachings of Jesus, but without all of the dogmas and doctrines of the various denominations in Christianity. Our suggestion is to read about the life of Jesus in the four Gospels in the Bible, then ask the question what would Jesus do, if He were you, when facing your choices in life. Our presumption is that God will help you work out the details with any such endeavor so honestly entered into. We also are here to help as best we can. 

Internally, we use the christian life programs name to identify materials and other dynamics stemming from, or connected to, traditional mainline Christian sources. Our focus is both practical and spiritual as we try, one on one, to help those who are followers of Christ, and anyone else who is interested, grow closer to God in their everyday lives.  While we do occasionally develop an in-house program of our own (the lending library at the Center has more Christian resources available for checkout than the much larger public library), primarily we try to keep ourselves apprised of both national and local ministries and the resources and help they offer. 

For us, Christianity is a way of life, not just a Sunday (or Saturday) religion.  The Christian ethic permeates everything we do. Whatever or wherever our involvement might be, it is our endeavor to reflect a manner which would have Jesus approve of us calling ourselves His followers. 

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Use of our Lending Library is free for everyone! You can check items out or utilize the resources while visiting the Center.