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william, and the original Teaching & Sharing Center, had been behind the scenes help with the fur trader (voyageur) encampment during Fall Color Cruise & Island Festival in Grand Ledge since 1990.  In 2005, the new T&SC organization became solely responsible for its continuation. Then we lost Kenn Kuester in 2010, our MLHE founder, who transitioned that year to be with the Lord. However, the donation of his equipment and materials from his family in 2011 to the T&SC enabled us to look ahead to a future for MLHE. 

Michigan Living History Encounters (originally Encampment) is a branch of the Teaching & Sharing Centers non-profit organization. Our participation in the Fall Color Cruise & Island Festival continued until 2020. Designated the "Kenn Kuester Memorial Event," it expanded from just the voyageur-fur trade period to include 1800s, and 1900s, displays. Covid-19 pre-empted our participation in 2020, when the three day FCC&IF was replaced with a one day Grand Ledge Fall Festival. We rejoined the new one day festival in 2021, but logistically unable to set up for a single day on the island, we relocated our encampment and displays to Joyce Park (115 East Lincoln Street) directly behind the Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge (417 South Bridge Street). Although, as an active teaching & sharing center, it currently only exhibits during the festival, it is an exceptional learning experience for those who take the time to visit with our presenters. This program is in its infancy, and has great potential for expansion and involvement. Anyone curious about MLHE activities, or possibilities, should contact us. We also filed "American Living History Encounters" as a DBA for those who have family history, or simply an active interest, in aspects of our American history beyond Michigan borders that they feel could add to the teaching and sharing opportunities being offered by MLHE-ALHE.

Only a few photos from Michigan Living History Encounters appear here. For more images, visit our MLHE Facebook page (see our links section), or the www.wsharing.com website in the Scrapbook Photos section. Look for "Fall Festival Time In GL." 


Kenn Kuester is seen below teaching in his role as Father Marquette. The "Kenn Kuester Memorial Event" during the Grand Ledge Fall Festival continues in memory of his annual presence, for almost twenty years, during the former three day festival. He spent both his days and nights functioning from, and sleeping in, his "priest" tent through all types of weather conditions. A benefit of his nightly presence at the voyageur encampment site was being able to join him around the campfire, during the quiet of non-festival hours.  

"It is important to understand your history, if you wish to be wise in determining your future."


Supporting some of our member's involvement in historical re-enacting, the T&SC organization (non-profit 501c3 public charity) sponsored the Michigan Living History Encampment (now Michigan Living History Encounters) beginning in 2005 as a part of Grand Ledge's Fall Color Cruise & Island Festival. These photos are from that first 2005 encampment. From set-up [upper left] on Thursday through the three days of the festival we were blessed in our sharing, and a good time was had by participants and visitors alike. MLHE remains committed to those ideals. 


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