the poet's circle and Membership
Brief explanations of the connection and participation options within the Teaching & Sharing Centers

"Spiritual truth should never be sold . . . One who has it would not be selling it, so one who is selling it doesn't have it . . . "

- Peace Pilgrim



The two quotes, above (Peace Pilgrim) and below (from the Bible), have held an overriding influence in the development of the way the Teaching & Sharing Centers functions.  Nobody is required to pay anything to benefit from the bulk of what we do.  But, we very much need and appreciate those whose support allows us to do it. This balance is reflected in the options you have for your relationship with us. 


We do not charge for our activities and endeavors. From the Cherokee Display at the Teaching & Sharing Center of Grand Ledge, to our encampment and historical presentations through Michigan Living History Encounters, you are always welcome visitors. Since we have limited open hours at the Center, feel free to contact us to set a time for a visit, whether to use the library, the prayer and meditation room, or simply shop in Cherokee Bill's Trade Center. Plus, while we have limited time and volunteer resources, we also can be a visitor at your meeting, church, or in your classroom, without cost. 

Free Library Privileges

Library privileges are free to the general public but, like with any library, require filling out a form requesting a library card. Special collections are restricted to center use only because of their historical nature, or the difficulty in replacing them if they were damaged. 

the poet's circle

With a history extending back to the late 1980s, being a part of the poet's circle is a designation given to those who have not chosen to be a member, but nonetheless show their support for our endeavors by volunteering, or through financial donations. It also entitles you to library usage, newsletters, and any communications sent to a mailing list. Additionally, some discounts and benefits similar to membership are given. However, being a participant in the poet's circle does not constitute membership, nor carry member rights. 


The T&SC is a Michigan non-profit corporation legally organized on a membership basis. The members form the decision making base from which the organization operates. Members elect the Board of Trustees, and decide on other matters brought before them. In addition to voting privileges (for those 18+ yrs old), members receive a progressive discount (10%-50%) on most purchases made from the T&SC, Cherokee Bill's Trade Center, or a touch of william. The discount allows you to special order through the Teaching & Sharing Centers any item available in Cherokee Bill's Trade Center at the reduced cost (subject to minimum order requirements). This can be quite a benefit at birthdays, Christmas, and other gift giving times, as well as saving you 10-50% on many items you might use for your normal daily needs. Membership, of course, also entitles you to library usage, newsletters, and anything else available to the poet's circle. 

In 2011 we filed the necessary paperwork with the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union to allow our members to qualify for membership with MSUFCU. T&SC members now have available to them the various credit union services of the MSUFCU.  (see our links)

Also, members needing greater access to the Center in Grand Ledge may request a key, rather than calling for appointments beyond our limited accessible open hours. 

To become a T&SC member you need to complete an application and pay the appropriate annual fee shown on that page. Although all memberships are equal (no classes or levels of membership), there are annual, lifetime, and "nobody left behind" options available. 

On January 9, 2010 the Board of Trustees decided anyone contributing $700 within a seven consecutive month period will be deemed to have paid a lifetime membership and be so designated.  This is casually referred to as the 7 in 7 option. 

Above and Beyond

Board members at a meeting

Like any non-profit organization, we need volunteers and contributions beyond the basic membership dues in order to have things happen. The Board of Trustees has authorized development of a number of volunteer positions (see the "Who We Are" page in menu at left). If you live locally enough, and have an interest in serving, or in exploring what any of these participation possibilities might entail, please contact the T&SC, or any board member. While your basic membership affords you full benefits (above), it is our hope you will find value in your connection with the T&SC, and desire to enter into greater participation with, or support of, all that we do. 





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"Freely you have received, freely give.  Provide neither gold nor silver nor copper in your money belts, nor bag for your journey, nor two tunics, nor sandals, nor staffs; for a worker is worthy of his food." 

Matthew 10:8-10 NKJV


The test of generosity
is not how much you give
when you have plenty,
but how much you share
when there is not enough.

- william